Wildlife Warrior

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors was established in 2002, initially by world famous Australians Steve and Terri Irwin, as a way to include and involve other caring people to support the protection of injured, threatened or endangered wildlife – from the individual animal to an entire species.
Terri remains involved as our patron and significant supporter and advisor, but the charity now operates independently.

Wildlife Warriors Projects

- The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, Beerwah, Qld
- The Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, Qld
- Tasmanian devil conservation, Tasmania
- Asian elephant conservation, Cambodia
- Sumatran tiger conservation, Sumatra
- Orangutan conservation, Sumatra
- Black rhino conservation, Kenya
- Cheetah conservation, South Africa
- Whale research, USA

Wildlife Warriors Vision

That people, wildlife and habitat survive and prosper without being detrimental to the existence of each other.

The Mission

To be the most effective wildlife conservation organisation in the world through the delivery of outstanding outcome-based programs and projects, inclusive of humanity.