Say No


“We in the so-called modern world must set the examples. This current example we’ve set – that eating, killing and wearing wildlife products is legal and ‘sustainable’ is obviously the greatest disaster for today’s wildlife. If we don’t eliminate “Sustainable Use” now it will be too late. If we can destroy the market, we’ll destroy the industry. Historically the only reason spotted cats, like Leopards and Cheetahs are still found in the wild, is because of peer pressure. It became ‘uncool’ and controversial to wear spotted cat fur coats, so the market was destroyed and the industry suffered.

Slowly, less and less Leopards and Cheetahs were being shot for their skins, and just as well or they would’ve been extinct 20 years ago. If we can all refuse to buy, eat or purchase native wildlife products and express our disgust in the industry, then every single person can help slow down this incredibly disastrous wildlife atrocity.” – Steve Irwin

Australia Zoo and the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Program proudly fights against wildlife consumption & trade, & urges everyone to refuse to purchase or eat any wildlife products, including crocodile, kangaroo and emu.

Many countries find it incredibly disrespectful and offensive that people serve up Australia’s Coat of Arms for consumption. These animals are uniquely Australian and represent our most obvious and well known form of wildlife.

Never purchase or consume native wildlife products!