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Wildlife Warrior-Wildlife Hospital

All donations will be processed directly through the official Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors website where you have a number of donation options;

Become a Wildlife Warrior

By making a one-off donation or joining our monthly giving program you can become part of a global wildlife force that is working hard to preserve our natural environment.

Monthly Giving Program

Sign up to become a regular giver for wildlife conservation! Donations start from as little as $2.50 a week and can go to your choice of any one of our conservation projects.

One-off Donations

You can also support a particular conservation project through making a one-off donation to Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors. All unspecified donations will be put towards the current project of most need.


The environment will be here long after we are gone – do your bit to preserve it now by leaving a bequest.

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Wishlist

Our work at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital could not be possible without the generous support of donors and sponsors, and we are constantly on the lookout for medical equipment and general supplies. Please take a look at these wishlists to see if you are able to donate either the goods themselves, or money to go towards their purchase.