The Project

Wildlife Warrior-Wildlife Hospital

Growing up surrounded by some of Australia’s iconic animals I was always an animal lover. So naturally after experiencing what the team do at Australia Zoo and at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital I knew I had to be apart of their vision; That people, the wildlife and habitat survive and prosper without being detrimental to the existence of each other.

After all, we have a responsibility to help maintain & improve our planet.

Australia Zoo, The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital & the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors are a team of passionate individuals working as a team around the clock to protect wildlife & to deliver an animal experience like no other while educating visitors from all around the world on wildlife conservation.

My desire to support the AZWW program came after having the chance to walk through the Zoo & not just experience encounters with the animals but finding out what Australia Zoo, The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital & the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors program is REALLY about. I was fortunate enough to have a tour of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital where they rely purely on donations from the public & funding from the Zoo to operate. This is where my heartstrings were pulled & I wanted to somehow do something to help this cause and being apart of change around the world I want to see.

My realization is that they (Australia Zoo, The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital & the AZWW program) don’t have enough support or recognition for what they do & how many animals they save every year, so I felt compelled to see what difference I could also make. When I became a global ambassador for Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors – I then came up with a cheeky way to show the world just how amazing this sanctuary for animals is, and how they can help become a wildlife warrior too.

It’s a dream come true for me to be a voice for those who cannot speak so I feel very proud & fortunate to be able to now be sharing this journey with YOU & making a positive change in this world.

Its time people thought it’s cool, sexy & FUN to be a wildlife warrior!

Ellie Gonsalves x